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  • All About The Boys - Boners Blog - Feature Image

    All About The Boys - Boners

      A brand that’s all about the boys! We love discovering the latest brands that cater to everything a gay guy needs when he wants to get down and dirty....
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  • The Gay Man's Ultimate Guide to Discreet Adult Shopping at Prowler Blog Main Image

    The Gay Man's Ultimate Guide to Discreet Adult Shopping at Prowler

    Discover the art of discreet gay shopping with Prowler's ultimate guide. From browsing for sexy fashion to buying the best gay sex toys online, we've got you covered. Learn how to keep your purchases private, secure, and satisfying. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced explorer, our tips will help you navigate the world of adult shopping with confidence. Click to unlock the secrets of discreet gay shopping at Prowler.
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  • Anal Fisting with Pjur

    Anal Fisting with Pjur

    Curious about anal fisting but unsure where to start? Our expert guide breaks down the taboo and shares essential tips for a safe, sensual, and deeply intimate fisting experience. From the importance of communication and hand care to the crucial role of personal lubricant, learn how to explore this intense pleasure with confidence and care. Discover the secrets to unlocking mind-blowing orgasms and strengthening trust with your partner. Ready to take your anal play to the next level? Read on!
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  • Interview with chi chi larue

    Interview with chi chi larue

    Chi Chi LaRue (aka Larry) is probably the most famous name in gay porn: drag queen, director, DJ, businesswoman... she gives it to us straight! There is only one Chi...
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  • Exeter LGBTQIA+ Nightlife

    Exeter LGBTQIA+ Nightlife

    Exeter LGBTQIA+ Nightlife Come to the dark side, join us. We have bad dance moves and no shame? Welcome to Devon! Specifically, my grassy and cider-soaked corner in the city...
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  • Trinity For Men

    Trinity For Men

    Here at Prowler, we love nothing more than getting stuck into a new range of toys that will get our juices flowing in all the right ways. Thanks to Trinity...
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  • The Age Old Question

    The Age Old Question

    The Age-Old Question Thirty Isn’t Dirty Within the LGBT+ community, cis-male gays have a fascination with age. With daddy tribal labels assigned to anyone with a grey fleck in their...
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  • Sex Shop Etiquette

    Sex Shop Etiquette

    SEX SHOP ETIQUETTE Prowler’s been here since the late ’90s. We’ve seen it all; the opening of willy-shaped dessert shops. The closure of Madame JoJo’s (before my time, alas). The...
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  • Types Of Friends

    Types Of Friends

    Types Of Friends   Keep ‘em home; bring ‘em out? When you decide you are off for a razzle-dazzle tonight, who do you send a WhatsApp to? Your go-to’s and...
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  • Cleanstream


    Keep it squeaky clean from the shower to the bedroom with CleanStream! We’ve said before, and we’ll keep saying it always, you cannot be without a good douche when it...
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