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All About The Boys - Boners


A brand that’s all about the boys!

We love discovering the latest brands that cater to everything a gay guy needs when he wants to get down and dirty. Imagine our delight then when we landed upon Boners! Boasting a huge range of all sorts of toys and kit for the modern man, Boners is all about the fellas. Their range consists of cock rings, penis sleeves, cock and ball stretchers, arousal enhancement products and even male grooming, so they certainly make sure that all their bases are covered! Team Prowler dived head and crotch first into all of the goodies in Boners’ bounty, so you can be sure this gear is tried and tested.All About The Boys - Boners Blog - Cock Rings Image

Let’s start with their cock rings, ranging from basic to advanced, guaranteed to keep you harder for longer. Their basic fuck rings are made from odourless silicone, which are extremely flexible and stretchy, and give a comfortable grip, just firm enough for you to feel the throb when you slip yourself into one. Fashioned in stylish grey, these rings look just as good as they feel when you get down to business. As well as the basic rings, you can also ensure that your nuts are just as well looked after with strong ball stretchers, multiple ring designs that give you double the pleasure, and all of your favourite types of cock straps that you usually expect to find made of leather, but this time in smooth soft silicone. We personally loved the cock ring with a built-in steel core, that keeps your cock rock hard and ready for anything!

Some of the ball stretchers on offer will really make your mouth water when you slip then on to enhance a long bating session. The Liquid Silicone Ball Spiltter does just that, stretching your nuts apart for an addictive ache, as well as the 2-In-1 Ball Stretcher, which squeezes and pulls your balls down whilst making sure that your cock is kept snugly in place as it throbs. For full coverage, you can even lose your boys in the liquid silicone Ball Pouch, which really gives you that intense stretch you are longing for!

It's not just about cock and ball toys though; Boners have also got you covered when it comes to enlargement, with their trusty penis pumps that will really get your meat engorged and looking bigger than ever. You can choose between a squeeze ball pump or a finger pump, and you can watch your manhood elongate to epic proportions with every determined pump! Once you’ve got your cock pumped up and ready to swing down to your knees, make sure to give it that extra bit of loving with Boners’ range of cock strokers. You can start off with the silicone hand job stroker, with its nubby insides that feel great against the skin of your penis, move on up to the vibrating hand job stroker to get that extra buzz against your cock, and then experience an explosive session of head with the vibrating blowjob simulator!All About The Boys - Boners Blog - Blowjob Simulator Image

If that’s not enough of a reason for you to start clearing space in your toy box for the full Boners collection, don’t forget to check out their nifty lotions and potions that are designed specifically for your cock to feel at it’s best. Get stuck into a sticky wanking session with their masturbation cream, thicken up to your full potential with the Penis XXL cream, and also make sure that you can go even harder for even longer with the delay cream and spray, ensuring maximum duration in your sex play. You can even push it harder than ever before with their Libido Performa erection booster capsules, formulated to stimulate blood flow in your penis, which can make your erection harder and longer lasting, and can make your penis feel more sensitive.

Whew! You can consider us converts to the church of Boners with all of these great toys on offer. Make sure that you sample the full collection to discover why Boners always delivers the goods!