Vibrating Wands

Ever been curious as a man what vibrating wands can do for you? Magic wands are not only for the female of the species. Many men can achieve orgasm through stimulation of the frenulum (or banjo string as it is affectionately known as). All you have to do is place the head of the magic wand on the underside of the penis, and let the vibrations do their thing. A little lube on the underside of the penis as well will allow you to glide the wand along the length of the shaft, allowing those vibrations to penetrate deeply all over.
Anal stimulation of magic wands is achievable for those who are more experienced with anal sex toys. Externally they can be use to send vibrations through perineum, just under the testicles. The vibrations from these wands can go deep enough on occasions to stimulate the prostate. Give one a try and if you have success with other methods of stimulation be sure to let us know, we're always open to new ideas.