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Unravelling the Hanky Code with Prowler: Fetish Colours & Their Meanings

Prowler Guides You Through the Hanky Colour Code

  1. The Hanky Code Uncovered (A secret language of colours signalling sexual interests)
  2. Decoding the Colours
  3. Wearing It Right: Signalling Your Role (Left=Active, Right=Passive)
  4. The Hanky Renaissance (Its recent resurgence and apps)
  5. Embrace Your Kinks, Prowler Style (Indulge at Prowler)

The Hanky Code Uncovered

In the underground world of gay fetish and kink, a simple accessory holds the power to reveal your darkest, most delectable desires. We're talking about the hanky code – a secret language of colours and patterns that signals your specific sexual interests to those in the know.

Decoding the Colours

Red: The Fisting Hanky (Indicates desire for fisting)

Let's start things off with a bang (or should we say punch?). The infamous red hanky is a beacon for fisting fans – those who crave the deliciously full feeling of having their hole stretched to the limits. Wearing this scarlet sign ensures you'll attract fist-hungry hunting partners locked and loaded for a knuckle-deep adventure.

Light and Dark Blues: The Anal Adventures (Light=Top, Dark=Bottom)

When it comes to that sweet, sweet back door action, the blues have you covered. Rock a light blue hanky to advertise your top status and willingness to plunge into the depths. For the insatiable bottoms out there, a dark blue kerchief is your calling card – letting every top stud know you're ready to be drilled into oblivion.

Yellow: When Piss Becomes Play (Watersports/Piss play)

Not for the faint of heart (or bladder), the sunny yellow hanky declares your thirst for watersports and piss play. Whether you're looking to make it rain or bask in the golden shower, proudly displaying this vibrant hue lets everyone know you're down to get filthy.

Green: Bondage Bliss (Bondage/Restraints)

Restraints, ropes, and complete submission – the luscious green hanky represents your love of bondage. From intricate shibari to simple strapping down, wearing this verdant badge announces you're a kinky creature craving the thrill of being tied up or doing the tying.



The Shades of Kink (Scat, S&M, Bondage, Open to anything, Needles/Piercings)

  • Brown: The undeniably dirty allure of scat/scatology.
  • Black: You're a heavy player in the S&M world.
  • Gray: Bondage is your vice, in all its glorious forms.
  • Orange: You'll try anything and everything, anytime.
  • Purple: Needles and piercings get you off.

Pinks and Purples: Oral Obsessions (Pink=Giving, Muddy Rose=Receiving oral)

For those who worship at the altar of mouth service, a rosy pink hanky means you're the one eager to go down. But if you'd rather be on the receiving end of oral adoration, rock that luscious muddy rose or wine shade to let partners know your mouth is theirs for the plundering.

Wearing It Right: Signalling Your Role (Left=Active, Right=Passive)

But the hanky code isn't just about colours – where you wear that kerchief matters just as much. Generally, left pocket or left side signals you're after the active role, while right pocket or right side represents the passive, receiving partner. But of course, in Prowler's world of no limits, the rules are made to be bent.

The Hanky Renaissance (Its recent resurgence and apps)

While the hanky code peaked in popularity back in the 70s and 80s, it's seen a renaissance in recent years as kinksters rediscover the thrill of this veiled communication. Apps like Hanky Code Scanner are bringing this once underground signalling system into the digital age too.

Embrace Your Kinks, Prowler Style (Indulge at Prowler)

At the end of the day, the hanky code is all about indulging your wildest fetish fantasies and finding others to share them with – something Prowler lives for. So whether you're rocking a deep scarlet fisting hanky or a bulging orange "I'll try anything" kerchief, wear your desires proudly.

And of course, Prowler's stocked and staffed to help explore every niche kink on your list, from the tame to the deliciously extreme. Unmask your truth with our latest fetish gear, kinky accessories and expert guidance on the most effective hanky wearing techniques. The only rule? Embrace your hunger with no limits.