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The Old Ship

If you like an intimate and homely style pub but wished it was stuffed to the brim with enough talented drag queens to wet anyone's appetite, then you, my friend, need to sail on The Old Ship. This long-standing pub of 130 years has endured; where many local gay pubs have closed across London, The Old Ship continues its voyage, largely due to ongoing support of patrons and the local community, including Sir Ian McKellen. John Fell runs the pub and is an inviting host. There are cabaret shows almost every evening with a roster of talented drag queens, which is sure to promise a great evening out. Be sure to check The Old Ships’ website and socials for the latest events. And with the Limehouse DLR station just a wig's throw away, giddy patrons can share in the joy of pretending to drive the train to top of a night of cabaret, cocktails, ABBA, Slay, frocks, and ales.


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The Glory

Here’s a venue which serves a lot of Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve, and Talent. The Glory, for thirty years, has stood proud and loud as the go to place for the hottest East-end drag. Head down not only for the drags scene but also to be inspired; The Glory boasts is surely one of the most creative pubs in London, with freedom, fun, and expression at its core. The staff often cross duties as designers and writers.  There is a disco every Friday and Saturday and look out who’s performing soon on their stage…! You wouldn’t want to miss it! We love it for its loud music and live entertainment, as well as featuring and nurturing new and upcoming drag talent.


Central Station

Nestled just behind Kings Cross Station, Central Station is a social pub, hosting smaller scale events, including regular social clubs, a sports team, charity, and there is karaoke every Friday and Saturday night. The bar is well stocked, and food is available, and the pool table always has someone waiting to play.  One and can promise a fun night out, or quiet drinks in the day. In the summer it provides a refreshing watering-hole.  Versatility is what Central Station is all about, as not only do they offer hotel accommodation in the space above the pub, but its basement is home to the Underground club, a fetish 

club with weekly regular events. Central station delivers to every need, and that is why we love it!  


Halfway to Heaven

This pub has the feel of the Tardis; No, it’s not particularly large, but when has that ever mattered? But inside of it time slows down from bustling Trafalgar Square. It is a timeless venue, crossed with the feeling of a country pub. There is drag, drag competitions, Viewing Parties, and good times every evening in the basement where the Cabaret is located.  A popular but small venue, it does get crowded often, halfway to what it is like in Heaven which is located just over th- OH, I get it; Halfway to Heaven.  


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