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Exeter LGBTQIA+ Nightlife

Exploring Exeter's LGBTQIA+ Nightlife Scene | Prowler

Exeter LGBTQIA+ Nightlife

Come to the dark side, join us. We have bad dance moves and no shame?

Welcome to Devon! Specifically, my grassy and cider-soaked corner in the city of Exeter. Like a lot of cities in the South West, Exeter boasts a good amount of touristy things to do. We’ve got Football grounds, a Rugby stadium, a big ‘ol Cathedral and so many restaurants it’s honestly getting a little silly. Oh, and barber shops, there seems to be a real trend at the moment for a barbershop on almost every corner. We also have a thriving LGBTQIA+ scene!

Being a smaller city, specifically Gay Clubs can be few and far between. However, that doesn’t stop the local community meeting and greeting everywhere they can. Do you have itchy-stitchy-sewing fingers? Or maybe you crochet everything you own? There’s a Stitch-n-Bitch in the Exeter Craft Shop almost monthly. A space to sublimate your rage through needlework, whilst drinking tea and talking to others who share your passion. These are new and in need of members no matter what your skill set is!

Are you someone that can only head out when the moon is highest, and your true form is revealed? Then the full moon meetups are just the thing. Held in the recently renovated Little Drop of Poison pub just off the high-street, these provide a much-needed safe space to have a good night out, welcoming all members of the community with open arms and a good selection of craft beers. Heading into 2023 these meet ups have been gaining more and more visitors since they started.

Or do you prefer to reveal your dance moves when the sun goes down? The Hear ‘n’ Queer monthly gatherings hold no judgement for any form of dancing (even mine, and mine is bad) that takes place in The Monkey Suit upstairs bar. Organised by the community for the community, these parties are new and always open to the fresh and curious.

If your talents are of a more musical kind, perhaps we could interest you in the Spectrum Choir? Meeting once a week to belt out tunes in the Exeter Community Centre, their talents are seen (and heard) at many local events, including Pride! Look out for the rainbow of singers at the next summer festival.

Are you more active? Could the Belay and Boulder be more your thing? The Exeter Quay Climbing Centre is open to all ages and experiences, so even if you’ve only ever climbed on and off the sofa, you’ll be in safe hands! And amongst friends from all walks of life. There are honestly so many active groups going on at the moment I could proudly fill a few pages with them!

The University boasts its own groups as well as ones open to all, The Trans and Non-Binary Café being one of my personal favourites. There are group chats, walking groups, Facebook groups, craft groups, munches, meetups, picnics, the list is almost endless.

So welcome! Welcome to our green little corner of the South West. We’re here and queer, and looking forward to seeing you!