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Keep it squeaky clean from the shower to the bedroom with CleanStream!

We’ve said before, and we’ll keep saying it always, you cannot be without a good douche when it comes to taking inventory of your toy box. Douches are a must, as they ensure that you are clean, fresh, and ready for every kind of sexual encounter that you want to try. Even if you aren’t wanting to be the bottom to beat all other bottoms in the bedroom, douching can also just be a good way of making sure that you are hygienic and fully cleared out down there. It’s definitely quicker and more affordable than a high-end colonic clear out after all! You can find a range of douche brands out in the wild that will keep you clean, but none are as varied as our friends at CleanStream! Ranging from disposable bulbs to shower attachments, CleanStream aims to provide the most convenient and efficient douching experience possible. Whether you clean out for health or pleasure, you’ll feel immaculate with any of CleanStream’s assortment of anal douches or systems. Be confident and most importantly, be prepared!

Get a thorough cleanse that you can trust with the CleanStream bulb douche and enema flush bulb. The tip of this douche is rigid and slick, yet soft with a slight flexibility and a gentle curve, so it works with your body shape when cleaning. The holes point sideways instead of up, making it ideal for douching or enema cleansing, forcing the water against the walls of your insides instead of up, for more effective and hygienic cleansing. The bottle can hold ten ounces of liquid. Just fill, insert, and squeeze. Douching made as simple as it should be!

If you fancy a more pleasurable feeling when cleaning out, then make sure to check out the Enema Attachment Set from CleanStream. You might as well get some nice feelings when doing the DIY cleanse after all! Moulded of premium silicone, the lengths and shapes of these nozzle attachments offer a unique cleaning experience. Both tips include the screw-on base to attach to the hose of your enema system. The smaller nozzle is tapered to slide easily into you until the bulb is fully inserted for a comfortable penetration. The large nozzle has a curved head to provide targeted pleasure during use, with a longer shaft for deep cleaning. Both attachments are smooth, durable, and easy to grasp in the shower. Slather some shower gel on these and get to work cleansing…

If you don’t have much storage space to keep your douche accessories hidden, then CleanStream have got your back with the Discreet Shower Silicone Enema set. Clean with ease without complicated assembly and between sessions with this set! You can transform your shower into your personal enema station to clean your insides in a comfortable and hygienic environment. This set is built for those who want a system that works with their everyday life, while staying available for on-demand use when needed. The included shower head provides all the benefits of a normal shower, with the silicone enema nozzle hidden within so you can enema whenever you want with a simple twist of the wrist! This is a revelation to us here at Prowler, and it’s a perfect way to also have a cheeky giggle when you are sharing a shower with your latest partner and want to show them yet another kinky little secret!

The Premium Enema Bucket Kit might make some of you narrow your eyes with confusion and a little worry but hear us out! This kit is really great for making sure that every nook and crevice is cleaned out to perfection.

The bucket has a nozzle at the base and a removable rubber hose with a flow adjustment clamp for the ultimate cleansing system. The stainless-steel bucket can be filled with the liquid of your choice, so we can let you do the imagining on that one, by filling it with any body-safe liquid you can think of. Once full, use the simple flow clamp to control how much liquid you want to release. The small, tapered tip is perfect for all body sizes. This system is ideal for herbal infusions and can help aid detoxification and assist in regular bowel movements. Perform a professional level colon cleansing in the comfort of your own home!

CleanStream really know their stuff when it comes to anal cleansing and care, and our Prowler stores are always stocked with a good range of their douches and enema kits. If you are unsure about any of the products, just ask our friendly team members in store, and they will be happy to help you find your perfect hygiene accessories. Get spick and span, and happy cleaning!

Clean Stream