Keep yourself clean and fresh with an anal douche from Prowler!

Choose from a bulb douche or a shower head attachment to ensure you're never caught off guard during anal sex.

Use the douche to squirt water inside your arse and repeat until the water runs clear.

Travel douches are perfect for weekends away, or those awesome moments when you just weren't expecting sex!

We recommend applying a small amount of lube to the nozzle of your douche for comfortable insertion.

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What is an anal douche?

An anal shower or douche is an instrument with which the inside of the anus, the rectum, can be cleaned in preparation for anal sex. An anal shower is also called an enema, douche or intestinal flush. Intimate showers often have a small pump, by which the liquid from the reservoir into the anus can be brought. In some cases, it is also possible to connect the anal shower directly to the tap or shower. These sets consist of a long hose and a special attachment that ensures that the water pressure can never be too high. With an anal douche you can easily clean the anus yourself. This product aims to make anal sex more pleasant and hygienic. Many people who start anal sex for the first time can be afraid that there might be some excrement When you are afraid of accidents, an intimate shower can help. The rectum is rinsed clean by spraying water in and letting it run out again. With an anal shower you start fresh and carefree anal sex.
In addition, there are also people who love the feeling that using a douche gives you inside. Rinsing the anus provides a pleasant stimulus. An anal shower can help the anus relax a little also. For these reasons, an anal shower can also used for foreplay, to get anus in the mood for the real thing.

How do you use an anal douche?

Before you get started with the douche, it is good practise to ensure you have already been to the toilet before use. This way you prevent too much stool during cleaning. Then disinfect your hands and fill the anal shower with lukewarm water. Too hot or too cold water can give you an unpleasant feeling. Apply a sufficient amount lube to the attachment and slowly insert the nozzle. Then squeeze the buld of the anal shower slowly empty and remove the nozzle from your anus. Then walk around with your buttocks closed, so that the water can run down slowly. Take a seat on the toilet and let the water drain out. Make sure you do not use anal showers too often. There are also many good bacteria in the intestines that protect you against possible infections. If you flush your intestines too often, you can also flush these good bacteria away. Also, never use soap during cleaning, this can affect your intestinal flora and possibly also entail infections. Sharing an anal douche is also strongly discouraged. A used intimate shower can potentially transmit an STD.