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The Best Male Sex Toys Money Can Buy

When it comes to sex toys for men, Prowler has everything you need to enhance your sex life. Huge selection of male sex toys available at the best online prices. Proud official retailers of leading toy brands Oxballs, Rascal, Boneyard, Fleshjack and Rocks Off plus many more. Great selectiion of large and small dildos and dongs in a variety of of shapes, sizes and functions. Discreetly and easily shop for male vibrators, anal dildos, erection pills, penis pumps, prostate sex toys and a great selection of other male anal sex toys. Sex toys aren't just for women anymore, join the male sex toy revolution and heat up your meat with Prowler today.

Whether you’re looking for some “pick me ups” in the form of stimulants or a new cock ring to keep you lasting longer, a masturbator for a new way to enjoy your alone time, or some bondage gear to take things to the next level – we’ve got the gay toys you’re after.

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Male Sex Toys

We specialise in sex toys for men here at prowler, we believe we carry the largest range of items available anywhere in the UK. We offer a cheap, fast and easy shopping experience with discreet billing and shipping right to your front door.

Our extensive range includes, but is not limited to:

A masturbator is a penetrable sex toy for men. Many of these toys have an opening that is shaped to replicate different body parts including oral for a great blowjob experience and anal designs to get that tight hot feeling of a anus. Most masturbators are meant to imitate the feeling of real sex as well as possible. For example, the toys can easily be warmed up and in many cases they are provided on the inside with stimulating textures to stimulate the penis. With a masturbator you can train your sexual endurance to help you last longer between the sheets during a real life sex session.

A cock ring is worn around the penis with the purpose of giving you a harder, firmer erection for longer. The ring is firmly placed around the base of the penis so that blood is pumped to the penis, but can not flow back. This results in a strong and long lasting erection. A great solution for men with erection problems or when you as a man just want to enjoy sex longer. Some penis rings come in fixed sizes, others are adjustable and they can be formed from a variety of materials. In addition, there are also vibrating cock rings available, with which the partner can be stimulated extra during penetration.

Penis Sleeves
A penis sleeve can be slid around the man's penis with the aim of extending it. The penis can thus be lengthened or thickened by a number of centimeters without the need for harsh creams, lotions, sprays or taking any form or medication. For men who have difficulty getting a solid erection these men's toys can offer a solution. Some sleeves have stimulating textures, such as nubs and ribbing, to give extra friction during penetration. A simple solution to getting the penis size you've always dreamed of.

Penis pumps
penis pump is also called a cock pump and is a cylinder that you slide around the penis. The pump sucks the penis, causing the blood vessels in the penis to expand. This allows more blood to flow into the swelling bodies, resulting in a firm and hard erection. A penis pump is for that reason, like a cock ring, widely used by men with erection problems. Just like with a cock ring, the effect on your erection is temporary. There are electric penis pumps, but most erectile pumps are operated with a hand pump. Many penis pumps are transparent and have a ruler on the side so you can see exactly how the penis increases in size and how much it has grown. Top of the charts as far as we're concerned are the enlargement devices from Bathmate. These toys of the range cock pumps are top sellers here at Prowler and come in a variety of designs and more importantly sizes so you can easiler purchase the correct pump for your size.