Pornography: A Thriller 


Pornography: A Thriller


Pornography: A Thriller is a Cronenberg-meets-David-Lynch psychological thriller set in the world of adult films.


A famous gay model disappears at the height of his fame. Rumours about murder and blackmail abound for years until a young journalist decides to investigate the strange events.


His investigation brings back the paranormal energy that destroyed the missing model, and now his own life as well. Years pass, and now a new model has decided he wants to recreate both the disappearance of the missing model and journalist on film, with horrifying results.


"Intelligent and well acted... Pornographymarks Kittredge as filmmaker with a strong mind and a gift for drawing full-bodied performance from his actors" - LA Weekly


Director: David Kittredge 
Cert: 18
Cast: Matthew Montgomery, Dylan Vox, Steve Callahan, Wyatt Fenner, Pete Scherer 
Language: English 
Extras: Deleted scenes, Behind the scenes, Director's commentary