Keep The Lights On  


Keep The Lights On


It's 1997 and New York City is in a state of intense flux when documentary filmmaker Erik Rothman (Thure Lindhardt) meets Paul Lucy (Zachary Booth), a handsome but closeted lawyer in the publishing field. What begins as a highly charged first encounter soon becomes something much more, and a relationship quickly develops. As the two men start building a home and life together, each continues to privately battle their own compulsions and addictions. A film about sex, friendship, intimacy and most of all, love, Keep the Lights On takes an honest look at the nature of relationships in our times.

"Forget Brokeback Mountain; Keep the Lights On is the grittiest and most heartbreaking gay love story of our times." - Next Magazine

"Out of lost love comes a terrific work of art... An instant landmark in gay cinema" -

"This is personal filmmaking at its most eloquent and poetic” - Filmmaker Magazine

"Stunning… A beautiful expression of a relationship's progression from start to finish… A moving and totally engrossing story of two men in love." - The Playlist

Director: Ira Sachs 
Cert: 18
Cast: Thure Lindhart, Zachary Booth, Julianne Nicholson 
Language: English 
Extras: The making of, Deleted Scenes, Audition Tapes, In search of Avery Willard (documentary by Cary Kehayan)