Born in 68 


Born In '68


Forty years of riots and celebrations, the birth of free love and the birth of gay liberation. A generation that experienced it all. This is their story.


1968: Catherine, Yves and Hervé are 20 years old. They are students and they love each other. The infamous Paris revolts in May turn their lives upside down. Filled with a sense of communal utopia, along with a few friends, they move to an abandoned farm in the countryside. However, the years of free love are short-lived, as their ambitions and pursuit of personal fulfilment leads to choices that will tear them apart.


1989: Catherine and Yves' children are young, excitable adults who embody a world very different to the one their parents were borne from. Between the end of Communism and the explosion of AIDS, cracks begin to appear in the militant heritage that moulded the generation before them. Through their differences, relationships are severed, cultivated and reconciled against the backdrop of a series of political and historical events that changed the world for ever.


Director: Ducastel & Martineau 
Cert: 18
Cast: Laetitia Casta, Yannick Renier, Yann Trégouët , Theo Frilet 
Language: French (with English subtitles) 
Extras: Behind the Scenes, Director Interview, Picture Gallery