Pushing the boundaries of Israeli cinema, Antarctica has been enthusiastically received at festivals around the globe.


Trevor is in a predicament with his boyfriend Darrell, who just won't kick his drug habit. Handsome doctor Ephram is just his type, yet he cannot bring himself to leave Darrell behind. Meanwhile catty friends Andie and Jake offer their opinions on the situation, yet they too are at a crossroads in their lives. Relationships are broken, rekindled, and recreated whilst Trevor and those around him come to terms with drastic changes in their lives. Featuring a hilarious turn from actor and musician Jay Brannan ('Shortbus') as Trevor's acid-tongued best friend, Holding Trevor is an uplifting, yet at times sobering, morality tale.


Introverted and inexperienced, Omer has just turned 30, but is still looking for that elusive spark with another man. On the busy streets of Tel Aviv, Omer meets Danny, an energetic dancer and his ex-boyfriend Ronen, a handsome journalist.


Things get complicated when Omer is unable to make up his mind over who to fall for - the youthful Danny or the seductive Ronen, who happens to be seeing Omer's best friend Mickey. Life is just as difficult for Omer's lesbian sister Shirley, who can't decide whether to settle down with her boss or follow her dreams of travelling to Antarctica. It takes the mother figure of the group, drag queen Yoam Huberman, to resolve these messy love conflicts and finally set her children free.


Director: Yair Hochner 
Cert: 18
Cast: Tomer Ilan, Rofer Regirer, Guy Zoartez, Rivka Neuman 
Language: Israeli With English Subtitles