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It’s that time of year again, so clear some wall space and get ready; the iconic Dieux Du Stade calendar is back for yet another steaming hot edition. Featuring dozens of the hottest sportsmen from around the globe, who have stripped bare for your delectation. There are 40 stunning images in this year’s calendar with photography by Fred Goudon. The calendar contains images of rugby, football, and martial arts stars such as James Haskell, Tom Palmer, Jérôme Fillol, Olivier Missoup and many more.

Dieux Du Stade is now a household name amongst gay men because it’s beautiful imagery of the hottest names in sport, and 2014 gives you two images per month! Each glossy A3 pages features a gorgeous guys with very little on (think tight arses and loose clothing), it’s so good you can almost smell their sweat. You may find yourself suddenly showing a greater, if slightly shallow, interest in the sporting world than usual.

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