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Douching is one of things that almost everyone does, but no one talks about.
It’s not the most glamorous subject for discussion, but it’s certainly an important part of good sex.
So read our guide to douching and watch our video on the different types of douche available.

The act of douching is performed before anal sex so that the person getting fucked doesn’t “make a mess” during sex. Again, it’s not a glamorous topic.
Depending on your diet, when you last ate and what you’re actually getting up to in the sack you may not need to douche at all, but certain things require a little more attention.

To get yourself clean and ready for sex you just need a douche, some lukewarm water and a toilet.

If you’re using a rubber bulb douche simply fill up the bulb with water, lube up the nozzle and insert it into your arse, squeeze the bulb and keep squeezing it as you remove the nozzle.
You then want to squirt the water into your toilet!
Repeat this method until the water is clear.
Bulb douches are better for regular anal sex, or for playing with small to medium sized toys.

If you’ve got a shower attachment douche you’ll need to fit the nozzle to your shower hose and adjust the temperature and pressure of the water flowing through.
Lube up the nozzle and insert it into your arse, using the flow control valve built into the Fist Shower Shot Douche you can turn the stop the water from running when you start to feel too full.
Be careful when adjusting the flow of the water as too much pressure can hurt!
Remove the nozzle and empty the water into your toilet bowl and repeat until the water coming out is clean.
Shower attachment douches are best for more hardcore anal sex like large sex toys and fisting, so you’ll probably have to spend a bit more time using this type to ensure you’ve got a really thorough clean.

It’s important not to douche too often as your gut contains bacteria that’s essential for healthy bowels, so don’t overdo it.

Check out the video below for a quick run-through of the douches available from Prowler:


To see the full range of douches from Prowler click here.

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