Gay Sex Toys – Starting Your Toy Box

Have you started building up your adult toy box yet? Every gay man should needs a “goodies drawer”, filled with those few bits and pieces that will spice up your sex life.
So let Prowler get you started, with our guide to building up your collection of gay sex toys

1. A Douche

You’re going to need a douche, because it’s best to make sure things down there are as clean as can be for any potential activities that may be taking place in the immediate future.
Depending on what you’re planning to do you shouldn’t need anything particularly advanced for this, you may be alright just using your shower hose, but sometimes a properly made douche is the practical way.
The Orange Bulb Travel Douche is small and discreet enough to tuck away safely when your mother visits, and it’s also effective enough to get you clean as a whistle in no time at all.
Simply fill the bulb to the top, secure the nozzle and squirt the water inside your arse (keep squeezing the bulb as you take it out). It’s probably best to do this a few times in a row and then squirt the water into your toilet, once you’re clean you’ll be ready for play time!

2. A Cock Ring

Since this is a starter-guide we’re not going to say you need anything very advanced in the cock ring department, just something that’s comfortable to wear but effective enough to keep you hard.
You can read our beginner’s guide to cock rings which goes a bit more in-depth here.
The RingO Cock Ring is a stretchy silicone cock ring that should be placed at the base of the cock and balls to keep your dick harder and help you to last longer in bed.
Cock rings are great if you want to ensure your dick stays really hard during a session.

3. A Dildo 

If you’re into anal, or curious to give bottoming a go then you’re going to want a decent toy for your arse. We’ve got lots of different things available, butt plugs, dildos, prostate massagers, and more!
We actually covered dildos in a blog post too, so give that a look here, if you’re curious.
The Basix 8″ Clear Dildo is a great sex toy for guys who we would consider “intermediate bottoms”, meaning that you’re not afraid of cocks on the bigger side.
This toy is latex free and is ok to use with any lube, it’s a got a thick, realistic design and a suction base for use in the shower or on any table.

4. A Masturbator

Masturbators are the latest craze in sex toys, taking wanking to the next level.
Made from high-quality materials that feel ultra-realistic these cock toys are the next best thing to real sex.
Zolo are brand new to Prowler and the Personal Trainer is a brilliant toy that’s designed specifically to help you last longer during actual intercourse. The tight silicone canal is pre-lubricated and features an intense array of ribs, ridges and nodules that feel almost as good as the real thing.
Lasting 10 minutes with the Personal Trainer equates to 20 minutes of hot anal sex! So give it a go.

So there you have it; four essential pieces of kit that every gay man should invest in!
Check out the full range of douches, cock rings, dildos and masturbators at Prowler.

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