Rocks Off: Bad Boy – The Review

Prostate massage seems like an often neglected past-time, if you can call it that (isn’t wanking a great way to spend an afternoon?), but it’s a hugely satisfying thing to experience. The prostate is essentially the male g-spot; located up your arse, just behind the base of your penis, underneath your bladder. The location of the prostate is what makes it such an important body part to pay attention to. Stimulating your prostate is one of man’s (literally) untapped resources of pleasure.

Prostate massage can be a little awkward if done alone…fingering yourself is ok, but you’ll never quite get the perfect angle to allow simultaneous prostate stimulation and¬†have a free hand for wanking.¬†Getting a partner to do it feels great, but sometimes a finger just doesn’t get you to that happy, tingly place called orgasm!

The clever people at Rocks Off have made prostate massage for the masses a simple, pleasurable task. They have a whole range of toys for men to put in their bums in order to help you get off.
We took the Bad Boy Prostate Massager, stuck it where the sun doesn’t shine and are documenting the results for you, our wonderful readers!
The first thing noticeable thing about the Bad Boy is the shape; it looks a little…daunting. But there’s a reason for the design, and that reason is: (you guessed it) your prostate!

Rocks Off Bad Boy

Rocks Off Bad Boy

The tapered, bulbous part of the Bad Boy is the insertable part, it’s made from high-quality silicone which means that water based lube clings to it nicely and doesn’t run off it. At first it seemed a little awkward to get inside, but the product is flexible enough to work with your body and ensure correct placement is achieved. Slowly sliding the silicone plug inside felt good, when it finally reached the prostate it was easy to see that the design was spot on!
The toy slips inside and the tip of the insertible end just touches the prostate, while the textured base of the toy lies underneath the perineum (also known as “the gooch/guiche/taint). There’s a seven speed bullet vibrator located inside the Bad Boy that you activate by simply clicking the button. Once it’s on the sensation is…intense. There’s no other way to describe it really. You feel waves of pleasure as the Bad Boy massages your perineum and prostate at the same time, both feelings made my dick rock hard in a matter of seconds.
The different speeds of the bullet also have different vibration patterns, so clicking the button at different intervals means you have varied sensations for added enjoyment.

What felt best was pushing backwards on the Bad Boy, almost riding it, in order to feel it rubbing against the perineum and pushing on the prostate at my own pace. The shape of the toy meant that it stayed inside without feeling like it was going to come out, so I was able to keep my hands free to wank.

Orgasms from prostate massage are really quite unique; they’re intense and they last slightly longer than ones without prostate stimulation. The combination of feelings that come from using toys like that is really something that can only properly be unlocked through man-made products (I’m yet to find a man who’s got a Bad Boy shaped penis). It was a “different” sensation, it’s one I want to experience again, but not everytime I wank.
So, in conclusion; the Rocks Off Bad Boy is a prostate massager that really does hit the spot. The design is just the right shape for versatile, controllable stimulation that causes great orgasms and stronger erections.
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