Lubes: Which is best for what?

When sex gets down to nitty-gritty, and the whole “who’s doing whom?” question has been answered, it’s important for us boys to look after our most covetable asset.
And by that we mean: your arsehole.
Whether you’re a top, a bottom, or somewhere in-between; it’s incredibly important to know what you’re doing when things are going on “down there”.

We’ve come a very long way in terms of things that make the ins and outs of anal sex an easier ride, but there’s now so much variety it’s sometimes difficult to know what’s best for what arse-focussed activity.
At Prowler we take anal play very seriously. Like, what better way is there to discover yourself or another than by putting things inside your/their bum? It’s a great afternoon activity.

So, what we’ve done (because we care about you), is compiled a short guide to the best (and worst) types of lube and by the end of it you should hopefully have a good idea of which is best for what.

ID Glide is a very popular water-based lube. It’s slick and comes in easy to squeeze bottles. Use it liberally whenever you’re planning on doing any sort of anal.
Remember: you can NEVER use too much lube.

1.   Water-Based Lubricants

Great for use with fingers, toys, and sex with condoms.
Water-based lubricants are widely available (they sell them in supermarkets) and are cheap to buy.
You may find you’ll need to reapply quite often during play, as the water-based lubes can dry out quite quickly.
Sachets of water-based lube (and condoms) are available for free in most gay-bars now, so that’s quite a good option If you’re looking to “try before you buy”, or want to see what different brands feel/taste/smell like.

It’s really easy to clean off too, just was with warm, soapy water.

Gun Oil Silicone is a really, really lovely lube.
It’s VERY long-lasting, so reapplication won’t be needed as often as with water-based lubes. It’s got a hand pump action bottle which is easier when you’ve got lubey hands or fingers.

2.   Silicone-Based Lubricants

Silicone is a brilliant invention. It’s slippery, long lasting and very versatile.
It doesn’t blend with water so is very good to use if you want to have sex in the shower. It also doesn’t dry out, which means it’s very cost-effective too!

Silicone-based lubes are condom safe (which is essential), but not so great to use with silicone-made or silicone-coated sex toys. Using silicone-base lube with toys that have silicone in them can break down the materials in the toy and let bacteria in, which isn’t nice. So don’t do it. Although a good work around is to put a condom on any silicone-based toys that you’re using, that’ll help if you’re using toys with other people too (change the condom for each use, obviously).

Silicone lubricants require a bit more attention for washing off, just use a bit more soap, and maybe a shower puff.

Boy Butter is made from a blend of coconut oil and silicone. It has a very long shelf-life, so is really cost-effective, and a little goes a long way.
Just make sure that any latex-based items are kept well away!

3.   Oil-Based

Oil-based lubes are designed for, shall we say, “heavier” activities.
They are slick and creamy and good for using with silicone, glass or rubber.

They generally last a long time during play and are great to use in large amounts (the oil will slowly melt with your body temperature).
If using for fisting is important to use latex-free gloves, as the oil in the formula will break down the latex and make it weak.

Oil-based lubes require a bit more attention when washing off, but you don’t need to do anything drastic.

“Him” from ID is a cream-based lube that is thick and has a creamy, oil-base, so it’s NOT safe with latex.
But it creates a slick, long-lasting lubrication that is ideal for fisting and big toys. The formula is really easy to clean, too.

4.   Cream-based

These lubes are specially designed for heavy-duty arse play. Focusing on bigger toys and fists! So not for the feint-hearted.

Most are latex-safe and good to use with sex toys, just check that the blend doesn’t also contain oil-based fats that could break down latex condoms, gloves and toys.

These lubes can require some extra time and care when cleaning off, so just use a good body scrub to get the job done.

FIST Lube Powder will get you into the tightest spaces, it’s slick and long-lasting and one tub will make about 25 or so bottles of lubricant. It’s stringy, long-lasting feel is comfortable to use during heavy-arse play.

 5.   Powder-based

Powder based lubes are a very good investment if you’re into fisting or big toys. The formulas used were actually created for vets to impregnate cows, so they’re VERY good for stretching your arse.

To prepare simply mix a small amount (5g or so) to about 100ml of water. Place the two ingredients into a bottle and shake, shake, shake until the mixture starts to become thick and bubble-free.

The lube is best used liberally, it’s a good idea to ensure there is even coverage on toys, hands and wrists. Some people even squirt a small amount up their arse to keep things slippery where it counts.

These lubricants are latex, silicone, and rubber-safe. But a very strong word of warning…they can be VERY messy. Put down plenty of towels, and clean with a small amount salt mixed with body soap.

7.   Lubes to avoid

  • Spit. While the thought spitting on a guy hole and spitting on your cock before you fuck him is hot, we’ll never be able to create enough to actually have a comfortable session.
    It’s obviously natural, but that doesn’t meant it’s good.
  • Vaseline. Never ever use this with latex. Petroleum Jelly can tear up rubber in an instant and it doesn’t last long as a lubricant.
  • Soap. It may make you slippery when wet, but it can cause horrible discomfort if it gets inside your bum or you cock. Avoid soapy sex/wanks at all costs.
  • Baby oil. It’s not safe with latex, it’s not designed for “internal” use, and it’s not easy to clean up.

So there we have it.
Your 6 step guide to arse-play and which lube is best for what.
Happy fucking!

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