Lord Fowler’s AIDS: Don’t Die of Prejudice – Book signing at Prowler Soho.

Convincing Margaret Thatcher to change her mind would have been no mean feat, but Norman Fowler did just that ahead of the roll-out of his HIV/AIDS campaign “Don’t Die of Ignorance” in 1986. The campaign made a difference in many people’s lives but, with no such major public education campaigns taking place since, the global rate of new HIV infections stands at a staggering 2 million a year.

Norman Fowler (Lord Fowler since 2001), author of the book “AIDS: Don’t Die of Prejudice”, has recently returned from the International AIDS Conference in Melbourne. He will be sharing his latest views, thoughts and recommendations regarding HIV & AIDS at an exclusive appearance in London’s Soho, on 28th August. To quote Stephen Fry, “there is no political voice in Britain who speaks on the subject with such authority”.

Lord Fowler experienced considerable resistance whilst Health Secretary within the Thatcher Government, due to his tireless efforts to educate the nation about HIV & AIDS. It wasn’t trendy and it wasn’t palatable, but then again neither was the virus.

“AIDS: Don’t Die of Prejudice” explores a crisis which continues to affect millions of people across the world. The book has received critical acclaim from wide-ranging sections of the press, reflecting how well respected an authority Lord Fowler has become. He has travelled extensively to help promote acceptance and eradicate stigma, prejudice and discrimination against people living with HIV. Africa and Eastern Europe remain hot spots, where discrimination is preventing many people from being tested, but even in the USA there are still major barriers to overcome.

Lord Fowler will appear at Prowler Soho, 5-7 Brewer Street London W1F 0RF, from 6pm-8pm on Thursday 28th August.  30% of proceeds from Lord Fowler’s book sold on the day will be donated to AVERT, GMFA and Positive East. These are three of Prowler’s official charity partners with HIV awareness, education and support at the heart of their activities.

For more information and to RSVP to the event click here.

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