Fleshjack: Crystal Bottom Masturbator – Product Review

There’s nothing quite like using a Fleshjack while you masturbate. The sensation isn’t exactly like fucking an arse, but it’s not far off! The Fleshjack Crystal features a uniquely designed sleeve with an array of sensations that hit you as you use it; thanks to the crafted design of the soft, fuckable sleeve. The crystal is the first Fleshjack to feature both a transparent casing and a transparent sleeve; you can the see shape of your dick inside as you fuck the Fleshjack!

Using it for the first time I was lubed up (use with water-based lube only) and rock-hard; ready to try out the Fleshjack. At first it’s a feeling like nothing else, my cock was completely sensitive to all of the ridges, knobs and bumps inside the Fleshjack’s sleeve, it felt amazing! After I got used to it I was having a great time; using it in a few different ways really made the difference, a full thrust felt good, especially with the fleshy parts around the hole, and the pulling it up and down just over my the head of my cock was amazing! The design of the sleeve has really been thought out for a completely different sensation with each movement.
Trying it out in a few different ways I was soon able to find that most enjoyable way to wank with it. It’s good enough to use as an alternative to your hand, but after too long it gets a bit repetitive. I found that actually placing it in a fuckable position (between two pillows) was the best way to get the most realistic sensation! With some porn on, a bottle of aromas to hand, and the Fleshjack in my desired position, I was ready for a completely different type of wank.

The suction control at the end of the Fleshjack really does make a difference; the tighter it’s screwed on, the tighter it feels around your cock. Loosening the suction control makes it a little easier to use when you really get going but I found that I got the best sensation somewhere in the middle, although I tightened it up the closer I got to cumming.
When it came to end of my session with the Fleshjack the orgasm I had was amazing! I ended up finishing off on my back and using the Fleshjack to wank with instead of fucking it, because it was easier to control that way.
With the final few thrusts and strokes I exploded into the Fleshjack and saw my cum splattered all over the end of the toy (a definite benefit from having the clear one). I kept my cock inside for a while, pulsing, and shooting the last few shots of cum into it. Pulling out I felt all of the ridges and ripples rubbing against my cock, another excellent feeling that you just don’t get from masturbating without a Fleshjack.

Cleaning it was pretty easy; pull the sleeve out from the casing and place in warm water, run some warm water through it to rinse the inside of the sleeve out. It’s quite easy to turn it inside out too, to ensure that it’s cleaned well. The outer-casing can be rinsed and sponged clean pretty easily too. Once it’s been rinsed out you just need to leave it air dry for a couple of hours! Place it all back into the casing and then pack it away in your goodies drawer for next time. To keep it from going sticky, and to maintain the softness of the sleeve use a bit of cornstarch, sprinkled inside and outside the sleeve.

I’d definitely recommend the Fleshjack to anyone who’s looking for one of the wank-toys there is. It’s fun to use and the versatility of the toy is awesome.

There’s health benefits from it too! Masturbating regularly can help to keep your prostate healthy, and they say that using a Fleshjack regularly can help you if you cum too quickly from fucking, which isn’t something that I usually have a problem with, but I can definitely see how it would have that benefit; the sensation is so close to fucking an actual arse that I can imagine it would really help you last longer in the sack!


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