Dildos: from beginner, to pro.

Dildos are an interesting invention, they’ve been around for donkey’s years and are designed to suit a range of needs and “appetites”.
Historic findings show that the dildos dating back to the Ice Age exist, carved from stone or wood. Things have got a little bit more sophisticated since then, with plastics, silicone and rubber changing the landscape of the sex toy industry by allowing accurate moulds of real penises to be created and mass produced, along with hypoallergenic and bacteria repelling sex toys.

Here at Prowler we like to provide our customers with a selection of quality products from a range of brands, made using unique, high-quality materials.
To make things a little easier, we’ve also created a shortlist of our top three dildos based on size.

There are some of us who haven’t got a lot of experience with anal, either we’ve topped exclusively before, or we haven’t found “the one”. But for any gay man there’s a rite of passage (excuse the pun) attached to receiving anal for the first time.
The Basix range of dildos is perfect for beginners; they make affordable, realistic, nontoxic dildos that come in an array of sizes and styles.clear-6.5-dildo

The 6.5 Inch Dong is a good beginners toy; it has a simple design, and is made from a soft, yet rigid material. The “head” of the toy is a little larger than the full length of it, so it’ll feel great  going in and out once you get used to it! The suction cup base will keep it in place in the shower or on a table, so you can ride it to your heart’s content!

Click here to see the full Basix range.



You’ve been fucked before, and you don’t bat an eyelid at the average cock, so move on to intermediate sized toys!

The Fleshjack Boys: Brent Corrigan Dildo is a very high-quality cock, moulded from the actual porn superstar (turned feature film director) himself. It’s made from the Fleshjack’s ultra high-quality silicone, so it feels great, nice and smooth! It’s an impressive 8.75 inches, and Brent’s cock is pretty girthy too, so it’s going to really open you up. It’s the next best thing to taking a real cock!
Click here to see the full Fleshjack range.

Bear in mind that this toy isn’t suitable to use with silicone-based lubes, so it’s best to go with water-based.


For guys who know their arses well and aren’t afraid to push their boundaries. There’s the most variety available for the big boys, from realistic to ridiculous.

Ken Ryker Supercock


Falcon super star Ken Ryker’s 11 inch cock has been immortalised in glorious PVC.
This big, thick cock is the ultimate in anal pleasure; Ken’s cock gradually tapers to a wide base, reaching an eye watering 2.25 inches of thickness as the bottom!
The suction base means you can keep in place as you ride it and really open yourself up.
This legendary penis is not for the feint hearted.

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You’ve long surpassed the “pro” stage and you barely wince at the sight of a street bollard. These are the toys for you!
Domestic Partner Commander In Chief

The Domestic Partner Commander In Chief is a 12 inch monster cock that’s sure to satisfy any true arse pig.
The long, thick design of this dildo will really hit the spot. The thick head and ridged shaft will feel great deep inside.
With a girth of just over 2.5 inches it’s the toy for those who want to be opened up for fisting and more.
A great addition to any toy box!

Click here to see the full Domestic Partner range.

So there you have it. Your guide to getting it! Just make sure you use plenty of lube with any form of anal play, to find out what lube it best suited for the type of play you’re into, why not check out our lube blog here!

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