Colour Coding Your Fetishes.

The Hanky Code is the stuff of legend, a secret way for gay men to tell other gay men what they are into without anyone being the wiser. Coloured handkerchiefs represented a specific fetish, with the hanky being worn in the left pocket for the active guys and the left pocket for the passive guys.


It’s fairly simple to understand, and some of the fetishes grow into very niche colour coding (some are even specified by the material of the hanky). While there may not be such need for the hanky code these days there is still a remaining underground fetish scene that relies on colour coding, if only as a kinky hint to what a night with you might entail.
Are you a magenta right (armpit freak) or apricot left (chubby, looking for chaser)?

It would seem now that there’s three main colour codes that have survived the test of time; red, blue, and yellow; Fisting, Fucking, and Piss respectively. The colour coding has also evolved from being a hanky work in the pocket of your jeans to wrist straps, or in fact, just the colour of your underwear!

See a guy in a red jockstrap? You’ll know that fisting in on the cards (just don’t forget the lube and aromas)
If the guy you’re cruising has one of our rubber jocks with a blue stripe then grab a condom!
Maybe he’s got a yellow bicep strap on his right arm? If he does, drink up!

Colour coding does bring a lot of the kink back into the sex scene, even if it’s not for the inevitable hook-up, you can still flaunt your fetish without anyone suspecting a thing.
The colour coded gear available these days is perfect for any fetish or sex clubs you might end up in, and it’s a good ice-breaker with guys who might be shy about their fetishes.

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Hanky code

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