The new range of Rascal Toys from Chi Chi LaRue is inspired by the people who fuck for a living; porn stars. These toys range from beginner, intermediate to expert, so there’s something for everyone and you know exactly what you’re in for. The bespoke design of each toy means that you’re going to have the most comfortable experience possible. The entire range is made from the highest quality materials available. These phthalate, latex, and PVC-free materials can be used by everyone. Hyper-realistic FleshPhallix material is used to give a skin-line finish to certain products.

Starting with the basics, we have The Expeller; an anal douche with a soft, flexible tip for comfortable insertion, along with an oversized water reservoir to speed up the whole process. It’ll get you clean where it counts in no time at all.

The A2M Ass-To-Mouth Stroker is a masturbation toy that’s designed for use alone or with a partner to double the fun. Translucent plastic and the clear FleshPhallix sleeve mean that you’ll be able to see the action as it happens: get a friend to fuck one end while you fuck the other, and experience the excitement as you feel and see your cocks sliding in and out of this masturbation sleeve. The textured lining gives a completely new sensation with every thrust, that’ll lead to explosive results.
See The Ass-To-Mouth stroker in action here.

The Initiator Anal Training Kit is a set of 3 butt plugs that take inspiration from prostate stimulators, anal beads and butt plugs to create the ultimate arse-play experience. Three tapered toys with graduating balls will open you up, stay inside and stimulate you in all the right places. Each toy has uniquely designed silicone ridges running down the length of the plug that create a reservoir for lube, which means the toys stay slick for longer. These are great if you’re a beginner or an expert at anal play.
See The Initiator in action here.

The Hombre silicone prostate stimulator is a hybrid dildo and prostate massager with a soft finish and rigid curved design. It’ll certainly hit the spot and open you up. Sit on the toy with the curve facing towards you so that it comes into contact with your prostate as it slides inside to give you the one the best anal-stimulation experiences ever. The slightly widened base will give you a “shiver-inducing sensation” as you take it all in.
See The Hombre in action here.

The Clencher silicone cock ring and butt plug is another hybrid creation from Rascal that has a tapered insertable plug, linking to a thick tight cock ring. Put the cock ring round your cock and balls and once it’s in place you’ll feel every thrust, tug, and shake of your cock as it’s rooted through to the graduating butt plug in your arse, stimulating your prostate as it goes. The cock ring will keep your dick hard, meaning that as you fuck, you’ll last longer and cum harder with the added sensation from the plug.
See The Clencher in action here.

The Thug silicone dildo falls into the “Expert” category of Rascal toys. With a 7” circumference and 8” insertable length, it’s a real arse-pig’s dildos. The FleshPhallix material makes it feel real, and the interchangeable base gives you the flexibility to change it from a toy to use alone, or with a partner. Lock the suction base into place and you can ride the dildo in the shower, or on any flat surface, then switch to the handle to hand the reigns over to someone else and have them use the toy on you as they please.
See The Thug in action here.

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